Army Cadet League of Canada Alberta Branch - Kozar Cup

General Points

  1. Teams will consist of a Coach, a Drill Commander and 9-15 Cadets in the ranks.
  2. Cadets may be from any Star Level
  3. Drill is to be conducted as taught in the Army Cadet Program using the CF Drill Manual as a Guide.
  4. Dress will be the Cadet Dress Uniform with affiliated unit accoutrements where applicable.
  5. Drill Team Commanders will not carry a Pace Stick or Cane.
  6. Corps may use more than one Drill Commander.
  7. Drill Teams may use music for the final segment of their competition. Music may be recorded or supplied by a single musician (piper or drummer). Corps who wish to use recorded music are fully responsible for starting and stopping the music.
  8. ROs will be saluted whether they are in uniform or civilian clothing. The exception being an NCM in Uniform. NCMs in uniform will not be saluted.
  9. Practice time will be available at the Competition site. Practice details and competition order will be determined at a Pre-Competition OGp. MTF.
  10. The decision(s) of the Committee and the Judges are final.

The ACR (Pt.1 A)

The Annual Cadet Review (ACR) portion of the program consists of all segments of an ACR. The  segments are:

-March On



-Open Order

-Dressing (Three Ranks)

-Eyes Front

- Salute (on arrival of Reviewing Officer}

-Reporting Corps to Reviewing Officer (5 elements).

-----Salute (Good Afternoon Sir —I am “Sgt Jones”).

-----Your Position (2222 RCACC Whitemud Drill Team Commander).

-----Number of Cadets on Parade (There are 12 Cadets on Parade)

-----Position of Cadets (at the Open Order)

-----Request to inspect (Do you wish to inspect*) SIR

-Escorting RO and standing ranks at ease and attention as required.

-Escorting RO back to dias

- Request permission to arry on with March Past


-Conduct March Past in Column of Route

-Eyes Right

-Eyes Front



-Right Dress (Dress Front Rank Only) Eyes Front

-Report to RO, Salute, request permission to carry on with Advance in Review Order.

- Salute

-Conduct Advance in Review Order.


Once RO has cleared Dias.

-Stand at Ease.

The ACR (Pt.1B)

  1. The inspection and scoring of uniforms will be conducted while the RO is reviewing the the corps.

Silent Drill (Pt. 2)

1.   Silent Drill is the execution of drill without words of command. The competing teams will perform 31 precision drill movements.

  1. Once the Drill Team Commander has received permission to carry on, he with adopt his position and give the word of command “ATTENTION”. Upon hearing the Command attention, the team will carry out the following movements pausing 2-3 between movements:
















Free Program

  1. The FREE PROGRAM is an opportunity for Corps (Coaches and Cadets) to demonstrate their ability in drill by incorporating standard drill movements into non-standard formations.
  2. Teams may use a combination of Silent Drill and Words of of Command.
  3. Program must be a minimum of 3 minutes and not exceed 5 minutes in duration.
  4. Teams must use a variety of formations both At the Halt and on the Repeating the same movement several times will result in only the first attempt being scored.
  5. A team may only conduct a Right Dress twice (2) times during the 3-5 minutes. Team is to be Right Dressed prior to time starting.
  6. Teams may use a single musician (piper or drummer) or canned music during the Free The timing (starting and stopping of music is a team responsibility.
  7. Teams are allowed a 15 sec window where they may perform non-standard drill. This may occur at any time in the Free Program. This should bring a moment of levity to your performance.
  8. When planning your program you must balance difficulty with ability. Attempting a difficult movement will score you points but if it is done poorly it could cost you points.
  9. Before starting intricate programs it is important that the basics of drill are You should therefore ensure that team members execute basic drill to a high standard before trying intricate formations that require basic execution of several movements.

A copy of the instructions and scoring are attached HERE.