ACLC Volunteer Registration and Screening Process (Manitoba)


All volunteers with Cadet Corps, under the CO, working directly with Cadets on the
training side, will be screened as per this direction but there is additional paperwork as
described in CATO 23-07.
Screened Volunteers for Support Committee are vetted by the Support Committee Chair
and will be introduced to the CO.

No volunteer should be actively volunteering, either Civilian Instructor (CI) or Civilian
Volunteer (CV), until the approval from ACLC (Army cadet League of Canada) has been
processed and the volunteer is in possession of the ID card. The presence of
unscreened volunteers/instructors has the potential to render the insurance for the
whole Corps/Activity null and void.

Approval is at the discretion of the Army Cadet League (National); provincial branches
make an initial recommendation. Volunteering starts once the ID Card has been

To ensure a complete package and expedite approval, follow the attached steps carefully.

1. Apply for a Vulnerable Sector Screening (Criminal Record check including
Vulnerable Vector Screening) at the local police agency. Residents of
Brandon and Winnipeg must apply to those city police agencies.

There is a fee associated with this.

The Winnipeg City police have an online option for VSS application.
On the website it prompts to send the results directly to ACLC
(MB). Once an email from the Police received informing that VSS
results are ready, it then must be shared (access personal account
and choose option “share”) with ACLC (MB).

Rural residents must apply to the RCMP.
Some RCMP offices waive the fee for volunteers and may require a
support letter. The support letter can be requested via email Please indicate your full name, mailing
address and the cadet corps you are applying for. The letter will be
mailed to you, and your Cadet Corps Support Committee chair will be
notified of this action.

Copies of Screening from other volunteer activities or from employment will not be accepted, an
original document with the police agency seal is required.

2. Complete the Volunteer application form online. Once completed, print, submit and sign it.

Three references must be provided. References cannot be immediate family members and should
include a good cross section of people who can speak to the applicant’s character, similar to a
job application. Failure to provide adequate references can delay the process.

3. Provide a copy of two valid pieces of government issued identification – one must be photo:
Photo identification can be one of the following:
• Driver’s License
• Manitoba Public Insurance Identification Card
• Passport
• Permanent Residence Card
• Aboriginal Status Card
Non-photo identification can be one of the following:
• Provincial Healthcare Card
• Birth Certificate
• Citizenship Card
• Firearms License
• National Defense Card

4. Provide a digital JPEG picture of the applicant for the ID card. The photo should
emulate a passport photo; however, smiling is encouraged and no hats please!

5. All Directors must be current members of the ACLC as well. Please complete your membership at the following:

The League provides insurance and ID for our volunteers.
Before submitting the PACKAGE please make sure to include the following:

✓ Volunteer application form signed by the applicant and a support committee chair
✓ Vulnerable Sector Screening VSS (a criminal record check is included in a VSS)
✓ Copies of 2 government issued IDs (one with picture)
✓ Digital Picture for the ID card

This is to be submitted as one package to the Army Cadet League (Manitoba) Screening

If the VSS is an original hard copy, please mail the completed package to
Army Cadet League of Canada (Manitoba) Inc.
Suite # 10
P.O. Box 17000 STN FORCES
R3J 3Y5
Attn.: Prov. Screening Co-ordinator

All applicants will email a clear, hi-resolution digital, Jpeg, picture for the ID Card to with the subject line “ VSS – last name , first name – Corps

If the VSS is an electronic copy shared via the Winnipeg City Police web-platform, please email
the complete package to the screening Co-Ordinator with the subject line clearly indicating
“ VSS – last name , first name – Corps ####”