Customized Recruiting Posters

The National Office invites you to take advantage of our offer to assist your corps with the design of your own custom recruiting poster.

Contact for your customized recruiting posters requests.

Minimum requirements for us to proceed:

  • 6 to 12 high-resolution photos (minimum 1MB in size) of cadets in action, having fun, demonstrating team work, corps activities, comradery etc. (with or without uniform)
  • The text or message you wish to see inserted
  • Contact information of your corps (including address of parade location, contact e-mail address, phone numbers)
  • Day and time of training
  • Any other specification or graphic you wish to see included in the design of your custom poster


    • Regimental badge
    • Specific colour scheme

Included in our offer:

  • The posters will be printed on a high quality  paper, 11″ X 17″ in size
  • The National Office will cover the cost and shipping of the first 50 copies of your custom poster
  • You may choose from the samples provided below or we will created a new design for you.
  • All designs will be sent to you for approval prior to being printed.
  • We ask that you allow us 1 to 3 weeks to prepare these posters.
    • NOTE:  The offer for free copies applies to your first request only (or first 50 copies).  You may request that additional copies be printed for you along with your first 50, or place a subsequent order at a later date.  In these cases, a nominal fee of $0.60 cents per page plus shipping and handling would apply.  For subsequent orders: Slight changes required to your poster are included within these fees.


  • If a poster has already been design by a member of your corps and you wish to use this one, we will be happy to print it following the same terms listed above. Contact for details on this option.
  • Is there hidden talent in your corps?  How about organizing a contest within your corps to design the recruitment poster?  In this case, we would be happy include the cadet’s signature within the poster for credit.   This could be a great way to get the cadets involved in the recruitment efforts and to showcase their talents.

View samples: